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A famous hit song that probably resonates in every business leader’s ears when it comes to selecting an IT consultant.

So, instead of listening to the advertising noise – ask some questions and be sure that you get the right responses.

Above all, ensure that that they are talking “to” you and addressing your business needs:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Where is their successful customer referral list with client contact details?
  • Get a competitive opinion on the solutions you are being offered – just to guarantee you’re not being ‘over-served’.

LanDynamix is in the long-term partnership business – that’s who we are. Our highly skilled team commenced establishing its reputation for technology excellence and service delivery in 2006. Our company culture is founded on integrity, hard work, and customer service. It is our goal not only to support but also to drive our customers’ growth plans. We strive at all times to understand your changing needs, listen to you and innovate to provide solutions that meet those requirements.

Here are some compelling reasons for you to choose LanDynamix:

  • Incomparable technical expertise
  • World competitive proven infrastructure
  • Customer first culture
  • Entrepreneurs and Innovators
  • Long term customer and vendor partnerships
  • Proven service delivery
  • Established – in the second decade of successful operations

LanDynamix is a highly technical, entrepreneurial organisation that was founded in 2006 by IT specialist Peter Clarke. We provide managed services in the information and communications technology arena.

Our expertise and reputation for integrity plus service delivery is second to none. We strive to be an extension of your business, thereby enabling you to focus on running your companies while we take care of the IT.

Our value proposition to the market includes always-on risk mitigation. LanDynamix is able to maximise your competitive advantage while minimising down-time, risk and costs. Our client base largely comprises growing organisations that have their own IT infrastructure and require support; as well as those that have chosen to outsource their IT management to experts – the LanDynamix team.

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

- Henry Ford

LanDynamix – Your ICT partner

As your Outsourced IT Partner, your core business is our core business.

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The LanDynamix Team

The LanDynamix team has 100+ years of combined experience with providing wide area of specialty skills in the managed IT sector.
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Your FAQs on Managed IT Service and Support.

A managed service provider, or MSP, is a professional IT organisation that contracts with you to maintain the operational health of your business computer network infrastructure. They usually do this by providing an identifiable list of coordinated, pro-active services often combined with a pathway for reactive service support. It’s a planned approach to managing the needs of your IT systems.

Although different managed service providers offer similar services, may be priced similarly according to the marketplace, and pretty much have access to similar resources, no two providers are really truly alike. The major differences tend to be revealed in the level of service they provide, the relationships they are capable of creating and maintaining, and their reputation with other clients. A lot boils down to chemistry

Your time is precious. You have more important issues to deal with than your computer network. It is, however, a critical enabler to your business and in need of attention in order to ensure it’s running predictably, optimally and securely. A fully managed IT program is designed to provide total IT support and management for a fixed monthly price – it’s that simple. Providing all the benefits of an internal IT department at a fraction of the price of staffing one yourself.

A managed service provider can be a cost-effective alternative to maintaining an internal IT support team. Outsourcing your IT also reduces management effort and ensures all IT requirements are being taken care of for a fixed monthly cost.



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