Managed Cloud Backup

Fully Managed Cloud Based Backup Security focused storage Disaster Recovery Capabilities Fast backup and restore times

Managed Cloud Backup

A core offering from LanDynamix is our Managed Cloud Backup (MCB), which significantly strengthens data protection; streamlines and speeds up data recovery; and offers the peace of mind that comes with cloud-based automated online backup services managed by professionals.

Complementary benefits include corporate compliance, built-in disaster recovery potential and a solid entry into cloud computing for first-time corporate cloud users.

Mitigating human error

In both mid-market and larger enterprises, backup procedures often rely on data creators to do their own back-ups, or IT personnel to handle data management. This broadens the margin of human error and the result of lost data can affect business continuity considerably.

A recent report from cites “dwell time” – the time between compromise and detection – as 146 days on average globally, and a massive 469 days for the EMEA region. This does not take into account loss of reputation in the market and the immediate costs of not having evolved security offerings slowly but consistently. In managing backup on an ongoing basis, retrieval is made quicker and easier; and earlier detection is more likely.

Managed Backups in brief

  • Full scalability, flexibility to accommodate one or thousands of workstations
  • Automatic up-to-the-minute scheduling, removing risk of human error
  • Intelligent data selection that enables inclusion or exclusion of specific files
  • Offsite backup facilitates anywhere-anytime recovery over a LAN connection or the internet
  • Central user management, with one interface for administering backup accounts
  • Off-site data storage at one of three secure data centres (JHB and Cape Town)
  • Lower disk space and bandwidth usage and de-duplication across all accounts
  • A high level of security with respect to encryption and authentication procedures
  • Increased peace of mind

The Bottom Line

LanDynamix offers automatic online backups that ensure constant protection and eliminate user-dependent responsibility. Modules are structured for the devices used by personnel and storage platforms are device-agnostic. Smart data selection, de-duplication, multiple backup accounts and off-site storage enable quickest data management, even as data volumes grow.

LanDynamix will discuss, advise and implement a recovery plan to protect you from disaster and also provides expert assistance in data and system recovery in the event of a disaster.