Managed Cloud Solutions

Don’t get caught up in all the jargon when it comes to cloud. Others seek to spread fear and over-sell the benefits whilst LanDynamix guarantees the best cloud fit for your business.

Managed Cloud Solutions

Don’t get caught up in all the jargon when it comes to cloud solutions, where some seek to spread fear and others over-sell the benefits for smaller operations. The increasing speed of internet connectivity has made it possible for your IT infrastructure to be virtualised and stored in ‘The Cloud’ as well as a combination of data centres, rather than physically onsite.

This allows you to reduce capital expenditure while ensuring flexibility and scalability, with a LanDynamix Pay-As-You-Use pricing model. As one of the early adopters of virtualisation and cloud computing, we are able to offer various management combinations as a central point of our services.

Your Business Needs

LanDynamix will assess your specific business requirements and the types of data your business needs stored in the cloud, including  plain data storage or backup and restore; mission critical or sensitive data; 24/7 access required; and security. The mapping of data types to cloud storage and service needs can be included in a larger Service Level Agreement with us, or as a standalone service.

Managed Cloud solutions in brief

  • IT infrastructure virtualised and stored in ‘The Cloud’
  • Reduction of capital expenditure
  • Cost-savings with Pay-As-You-Use pricing model option
  • Assessment of types of data to be stored – mission-critical, 24/7 access and more
  • Scale up or down almost instantly
  • Protection of data and reputation

The Bottom Line

Uptime is always top of mind, but cloud storage also requires expertise in compliance and security in order to achieve full value. Another attractive aspect of cloud computing is your ability to scale up and down to meet changing requirements almost instantly, saving costs on infrastructure and low usage. Our experts assess legal compliance requirements within your specific industry; as well overall security and protection of data and reputation.