Managed IT Support

24/7 Advanced performance monitoring Scheduled preventive maintenance Monthly network health review

Managed IT Support

With eleven different ICT solutions for expert and robust IT support, LanDynamix undertakes an audit with each client to determine the level of service required, as it pertains to the client’s size, scope of work and industry.

Once you have selected a suitable combination of services from our recommended solutions, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are drawn up, which include monthly reporting and ongoing business reviews. This means LanDynamix alerts your company to new and often more efficient technologies as they become available, or as your market requires them.

SLAs ensure peace of mind as you focus on your primary business, while the LanDynamix team focuses on your IT protection, stability and business continuity. Transparency and accountability is a core ethic at LanDynamix and SLAs drive our relationships with clients.

Midmarket enterprises are particularly vulnerable to negative impact should crucial services fail. However, sourcing and employing staff dedicated to monitoring these operations bring two major hurdles: The skills shortage and cost to company. As highly-qualified IT specialists, LanDynamix addresses both issues as your outsourced ICT partner, optimising your IT investments while reducing support personnel costs.

Availability, agility, speed

The value of managed services is often only apparent to stakeholders once the horse has bolted. However, good ICT support is largely ‘invisible’, and LanDynamix marries this ‘invisibility’ with in-depth monthly reporting. Our clients know our experts are present physically when required, but also constantly working ‘behind-the-screens’ to uncover, prevent and address issues before they become catastrophes.

In the technology arena, availability, flexibility and proactive initiative is key. In the event of process or equipment failure, LanDynamix is alerted via notification features and promptly able to advise the appropriate person and escalate the issue where required.

Managed IT Support in brief

  • 24-7 Advanced performance monitoring
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Monthly network health review
  • Real-time optimisation
  • Unlimited remote support
  • Reduced costs and frustration
  • Central service desk to speak to experienced agents
  • Speedy response times

The Bottom Line

All LanDynamix Support clients enjoy access to 24-hour cover; on-site experts; and on-call staff and technicians. This is backed by a central service desk staffed by well-trained, patient and experienced agents. Our strong relationships with business partners over the past 12 years also guarantees speedy response times.