Managed Voice Solutions

Cloud Hosted PABX System Single number for unified communications 24/7 Availability

Managed Voice Solutions

Another offering based in the strong IT support base from LanDynamix is Voice and Hosted PBX solutions, which offer cost-effective telephony and VOIP or voice-carrying and related solutions that give you a cost-effective competitive edge using next-generation technology.

Giving your business a Voice

Cost-saving is a critical element when opting for Voice, particularly in midmarket enterprises. With the increase in remote, mobile and telecommuting employees in a fast-paced market, there is also a growing expectation for all players to be constantly available. This ‘always on’ economy requires instant decision-making and a reliable Voice solution that serves you and your clients promptly and effectively.

Our Managed Voice Solutions span local, national, international and mobile networks. In addition, our multiple hosted PBX solutions evaluate each outgoing call and select the most appropriate break-out point to further reduce costs for our clients.

Managed voice solutions in brief

  • A single number that ensures unified communications
  • An end-to-end solution that works for you 24-seven
  • Continual monitoring and proactive management from LanDynamix
  • Cost savings through cheaper call rates and reduced line rentals

The Bottom Line

All LanDynamix clients experience cost reductions with regard to leased cost routing and the optimisation of voice solutions, backed by access to unlimited call support. We pride ourselves on future-proof convergence, real-time management and being able to use clients’ existing infrastructures, as well as offering a flexible end-to-end solution.