Safeguard your business’ Data and IT systems with a UPS Solution


A majority of South African businesses will suffer power outages as a result of load-shedding at some point and the disruption this will cause can have a major impact on your business’ capacity to continue trading optimally. On the whole, load shedding does not last long and you can install a UPS battery backup to allow your company to perform essential data backups, or continue with mission-critical services until power is returned.

5 Benefits Of Uninterruptible Power Supply

Electricity has become a crucial part of our homes and the corporate world. With no electricity, our computers and other electrical devices cannot work. A UPS power supply can be a lifesaver when the power goes off because it allows you to continue your work for a certain time and to save important documents on your personal computer or other smart devices. An uninterruptible power supply will protect your electronic devices from various power-related problems.

With our UPS solution you business can:

  • Save on Costs: What is the cost of losing productivity? Installation of a UPS solution keeps your workstations running.
  • Achieve Break Free Power: A UPS solution provides the instantaneous, break-free supply of power during load-shedding as your generator kicks in.
  • Power Shift Protection: Protects from power shifts that can cause damage to electronic devices.
  • Surge Protection: A UPS consistently monitors the incoming voltage and identifies spikes and surges with outages.
  • Backup Essential Data: A UPS can allow employees a window to backup essential data and power down their workstations and servers.

When deciding to invest in a UPS, choosing the correct solution for your requirements is very important. We are committed to ensuring that the UPS supporting your IT assets is monitored and serviced so it can be relied on ton perform during load shedding or any other power loss you may experience.


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