Platform for Trackmatic

Reliable Technology Partner

As the cloud model gains traction in business, having a reliable and consistent technology partner becomes more and more important. That is borne out by the experience of Trackmatic, which credits its longstanding partnership with us for much of its success.

Robust Communications Platform

“Our core business is developing logistics software, but because we deliver it as a service to clients via a cloud model, we are really dependent on a robust technology and communications platform. That’s what LanDynamix has always provided for us,” says Trackmatic CEO David Slotow. “Because we know we can depend on them, we can get on with our core focus of developing and refining the solutions we offer to our clients."

The software also provides the ability for companies to control and manage their logistics operations to enhance efficiency, save costs and most importantly better service their customers.

Using Trackmatic’s solutions, clients can update their customers as goods make their way through the supply chain, enhancing customer satisfaction. Trackmatic software thus needs the support of a flexible and scalable infrastructure to cope with varying processing loads at the backend combined with seamless communication with client offices and drivers.

Trackmatic has throughout relied on us to provide that capability.

“Right from the very beginning, LanDynamix has provided the unobtrusive but expert support we need,” Slotow says. “In a sense, they invested in our business by allowing us to acquire the right quality of kit and pay it off during our start-up phase.”

Expanded steadily

Trackmatic has expanded steadily over the past nine years and currently supports around 3 000 active users concurrently each day. We have played an important role here by ensuring that the technology capabilities expand in line with the business and can meet fluctuating demand.
As Trackmatic’s business and technology requirements have grown, so too has the amount of client data housed on its servers, much of it highly sensitive. In this data-driven environment, security is obviously a critical success factor and here again, Trackmatic relies on us to provide the solution.

The LanDynamix team understands our business and they offer the support we need when we need it,” Slotow says. “We love the fact that they manage our environment remotely but are more than willing to be present on site as and when we need them.”

Peter Clarke, our MD, says the key to the success of this relationship is the respect that the two company’s teams have for each other. “Like many companies in the Digital Age, Trackmatic is reliant on its technology supplier to execute its business model, but this is not its core business. By partnering with LanDynamix, they can be assured that their clients are being serviced, while they are free to concentrate on their core business, which is developing and refining the software itself.”

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